Teacher Training

Get trained to teach Essence of Being Courses worldwide

(Fast Track available for  professional coaches, therapists, and counselors.)

Methodology: All of the classes will be modular & will be delivered in a continuous format. We are currently conducting classes 10 months out of the year. Class locations will alternate. 1 class per month.

During each workshop the positions to be filled by TT’s: (where applicable)

These positions will be alternated based on your readiness & availability.

Three Levels of Criteria

Level One Criteria

Must submit an application to be considered as an EOB Teacher Trainee

Application accepted and acknowledged as TT

Level Two Criteria

Assist all days of at least 3 workshops

Level Three Criteria

You become eligible for Final Certification upon mastery of and proficiency in the following areas: rebirthing, kinesiology, processing, anger & emotional release, one other form of skill set i.e. : EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy, or other form of energy release.

In addition, candidates will be evaluated based on the following: a willingness and ability to go where the energy leads you, demonstration of a profound trust in your intuition and Law of Attraction, a balanced and healthy lifestyle, clarity, an understanding of EOB and bookkeeping, all monies owed to EOB paid in full. You must have an up to date vision and “own” the material in front of the room. Be able to hold a room by yourself. This final certification process is contingent upon final subjective approval, which will be granted by Burge Smith-Lyons.

Expectations & Opportunities

1) We will set up classes that you can teach & rotate around according to availability as a Level Two TT. You must be able to give your commitment on how many classes you wish to teach & on a contractor basis we will fill each workshop with a Level Two when you are ready. If you want to set up additional workshops not on our calendar by enrolling at least 20 people, you can co-teach those with Burge or another certified trainer & keep % of the net profit. These cannot conflict with other workshops in the same area at the same time.

You are certified to teach the TT position or Co-Teach position as stated in the compensation.

You are certified to coach* people after the workshop (ongoing) at an hourly rate as a certified coach of The Essence Series. You can offer your services as an Essence Personal Coach & remind people of the information & lessons we learned in the courses. The hourly rate is $50.00/hour at level II. At Level III is your discretion.

2) If you are interested in setting up Essence Centers, please let us know. We will discuss the opportunity with you, one on one. Many of you have already worked through many of the criteria. We want to have quality & excellence in teaching these workshops. If you are already teaching workshops, we can discuss a QUICK RAMP program on an individual basis.

3) * Content of coaching is dependent on outside certification of an approved skill set plus:

Conscious agreement to give feedback and direction with compassion for an agreed outcome. Outcome must have following criteria:


Teacher Training Program Costs and Payment Arrangements

The total cost of the ten month program


This may be paid in full, in installments or in a combination of trade and payment.

The following trades are possible activities that can be worked against your bill: