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Check out the EOB certified coaches and select the one you resonate with the most . Email them or click their calendar link to set up sessions you have bought through the various packages. Coaching is a way to continue your journey with guidance and accountability for everyday living. They support you with your new decisions and get more clarity about vision, action steps, and understanding of the Essence of Being principles.

Pamela Black

I’m beyond excited at how we’re adding to the EOB family in a big way.  Pamela Black, who first took EOB back in 1994, has joined us as the first official Essence of Being Certified Coach, and is creating an Essence of Being Coach Certification Program for those of you who are looking at a career change!


Ever since her first Essence of Being class in 1994,  I have been not surprised by her candor or courage, or her commitment to becoming the best, the highest, the most deliberate person, friend, creator that she can be.  She leverages the EOB tools to become more. And that’s why I wanted her – and personally asked her – to lead our Essence of Being Coach Program.


I’ve watched Pamela use the Essence of Being tools to further her own amazing life and to add value to her clients and colleagues – and friends like me. And though Pamela spent almost 20 years in various corporate roles, including executive coaching, her greatest inspiration still comes from assisting people in their day-to-day lives.  She still consults in business, with clients like Novartis and Pfizer, Procter and Gamble and Duke University, but we’ve snagged her away to lead our coaching team for the Essence of Being and Healing Forest community.


In the meantime you can contact Pamela at for more information.

Marcus Geier

Marcus, the Metaphysical Philanthropist, is an an acclaimed teacher, coach, speaker and guide.  Marcus began a 20-year, formal, intensive metaphysical apprenticeship at age 3 and studied, practiced, taught and healed intensively for over 50 years.  Marcus has sifted through a massive number of systems, teachings, processes and belief complexes to arrive at an efficient understanding of how life works.

Marcus Geier has enjoyed a diverse career including years of commercial real estate appraisal, valuation studies, economic, financial, business and highest and best use analyses, lawsuit economic documentation, RTC and other consulting projects, equities day-trading, trading system development, real estate investment, management, rehab, etc.  He was an award-winning business professor for 14 years.

As a clairsentient, Marcus has been facilitating self-transformation seminars with his wife, MoonCoach Silvia Pancaro for 2 decades.

For the past 4 years, Marcus has worked with the premier international, wealth and success coaching organization as the in-house strategic business analyst, head coach and coach’s coach.  He has successfully completed over 2,600 (so far) coaching sessions with entrepreneurs in 47 countries with a 100% “WOW” rate.  His uncanny ability to root out a client’s underlying blocks, and help them reprogram on the spot, has produced a profusion of raving testimonials that make him blush.  His areas of expertise include: strategy, marketing & branding strategy, creative ideas, time management, systems, finance, negotiation, business management and of course, mindset.

Marcus is currently completing a new type of book on “Happiness” and another on “The Ultimate Success Formula”.

He has lived in such places as Toronto, Vancouver, South, Central, West and North Florida, D.C., Princeton, St. Louis, Denver, Hawaii, and the Bahamas.  Marcus is a voracious reader, an enthusiastic traveler, regularly races sailing yachts and enjoys myriad outdoor activities; particularly those involving copious amounts of externally applied water.  He possesses a BA in Marine Biology from Principia College, an MBA from FL Tech and loves chocolate.

Marcus is a pain-remover.