Become An Essence Of Being Coach

  • Self-paced program design

    Your movement is determined by your time commitment. Successful module completion allows trainees to move to the next module at their speed and eventually have paying clients. 

  • Deeper grounding in Essence of Being tools

    New activities for clients to create EOB-inspired habits in their daily lives

  • Options which allow you to “specialize” within your practice

    Want to coach in a business setting? Church organizations? Women only? Men only? Perhaps work with kids and teens? All is available for you when you become a coach.


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It's Your Turn! Become the Next Essence of Being Coach

If, like Pamela and myself, you have a passion for inspiring and assisting people in their journey toward wellness and joy, and you think you’d make a great EOB Coach, now’s the time. Pamela has been coaching – both in the corporate arena for Fortune 500 clients and in the personal growth segment – for more than 20 years. EOB graduate Colin Tipping, author/founder of Radical Forgiveness and long-time EOB supporter, personally trained Pamela to train his Radical Forgiveness coaches worldwide. She will bring her expertise and wisdom from all these areas to create a full, thorough coach training program which will set you on the road to success.

Buckminster Fuller

"As Bucky said, you can’t learn less. All your life you’ve been moving toward something more – if your more is coaching, now is the time to make it real."